Corporate History

In 2015the group established production site in Myanmar.

In 2010,the group established production site in Bangladesh and Cambodia.  

In 2008,Pou Sheng listed on the HKEx (3813.HK).

In 2005,Yue Yuen and Golden Chang Group formed a joint venture that manufactures safety and casual shoes.  

In 2004,Yue Yuen acquired certain stake in Prosperous Industrial (Holdings) Ltd., which is a well-known manufacture company of sports bags, backpacks, luggage and travel accessories.

In 2004,Yue Yuen acquired certain stake in Eagle Nice (International) Holdings Limited, which is engaged in sports apparel manufacturing.

In 2003,Yue Yuen was name as one of the constituent stocks of Morgan Stanley Capital Investment standard Index series (MSCI) and Hang Seng Index. 

In 2002,Yue Yuen acquired Pou Chen's interests in 67 companies engaged in upstream footwear material production of raw material production of raw materials, production tools and shoe components. 

In 2000,the Group established production site in Mexico. 

In 1996,the Group established production site in Vietnam. 

In 1992,the Group formed a joint venture, Pou Yuen Industrial (Holdings) Limited with Pou Chen initially to manufacture casual footwear in China. The Group established production facilities in Indonesia.

In 1988,The Group established its production facilities in China.  

In 1988,Yue Yuen was founded by the Tsai family in Hong Kong in April 1988 to produce branded athletic and branded athletic style leisure footwear. The Tsai family also controls Pou Chen Corporation (9904 TT), a company listed in Taiwan.

In 1970,The Tsai family began to product athletic footwear on an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) basis.  

In 1969,The Tsai family in Taiwan entered into footwear manufacturing industry in 1969 with canvas and rubber footwear as major products.