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Research and Development



Yue Yuen focuses its research and development (R&D) efforts on the development and processing of materials and product development in conjunction with customers.


The Group currently works closely with a number of its major athletic footwear name brand customers in R&D by establishing separate R&D centres in Taiwan and the PRC for certain customers.


The Group works closely with its customers in the stages of product development up to the completion of the product-prototype by supplying the customers' designs and engineeers with feedback on product designs based on the Group's expertise in the manufacturing process. Jointly with its customers, the Group has develped certain proprietary technologies for the manufacture of footwear and components as well as the processing technique. 


Production processes


1. Mould Setting

The Group creates the finished mould prototype for the soles composed of either steel or aluminum alloy. 


 2. Sole Production

The sole units comprise of inner soles, mid-soles and outsoles. Outsoles are primarily composed of rubber. Mid-soles and inner soles are primary composed of EVA, Phylon and PU. The raw materials are mixed, heated and pressed to form sheets of various thickness for cutting into the rough shapes of soles. Also, the Group has used the injection moulding process to prepare certain high quality mid-soles. 


3. Upper Production and Assembly

Uppers are made of cloth, fabric, natural or synthetic leather. Raw materials are treated and cut into desired patterns, which are then stitched manually to form the basic shape of uppers. During the assembly phase, uppers and sole units are combined. Footwear accessories such as shoelaces or special design patterns are manually stitched, inserted or attached as the case may be.